Tree Top Times

A Wild and Wacky January!

January is a month that surprises us. It is one of the driest months of the year, but in many ways it is the most exciting. January 2017 has set many records for both Mountain High and the Pikes Peak region. Record breaking winds peaking over 100 mph hit on January 9 and 10 toppling […]

Winter Pruning and Watering – Check list!

Advantages of Pruning Your Trees in Winter: In Colorado, a major obstacle for trees to overcome is the harsh winter storms that can bring dry Chinook “hurricane” force winds or heavy wet snows that can damage tree structures. Besides getting a good look at the structure and form of a tree in winter, there are […]

Prepare for Winter

September and October have been extremely hot and dry. It’s important to water your plants well one last time before they go dormant. An added layer of mulch can help insulate roots and hold in moisture. Winter is one of Colorado’s harshest seasons. Cold and dry conditions threaten the biggest investment in your yard — […]

How to Care for Your Lawn in Colorado Springs

The weather and conditions in Colorado Springs create an ideal environment for lawn disease and insect and pest infestations. We at Mountain High Tree Care & Consulting have extensive experience dealing with these problems as local lawn care experts and certified arborists. So, we decided to give you some helpful information on what you need […]

Fire Mitigation Needs in Colorado Springs

Although Colorado Springs has enjoyed slightly higher than average levels of precipitation in recent months, it only takes a few days of dry weather before the High Fire Danger warnings start to appear. Recent years have taught us that this danger is very real. The climate and landscapes that make Colorado Springs and the surrounding […]

Caring for your American Elm Tree

“Our historic 118-year-old American Elm Tree, thanks to the TLC given by Mountain High Tree Care, is still going strong. Mountain High’s informed treatments have stopped problems as they have occurred, resulting in renewed vitality and healthier appearance.” ~ Dave Munger, Past President, Old North End Neighborhood. “When we have a difficult problem or a […]

Tussock Moth & Spruce Budworm

Douglas-Fir Tussock Moth (Orgyia pseudotsugata) and Spruce Budworm (Choristoneura hebenstreitella) Populations of these two defoliating caterpillars continue to expand this year in the Colorado Springs area. Blue Spruce, Douglas Fir and White Fir are hosts to these insects. Larvae were observed hatching in early June and evidence of feeding on new growth is just starting […]

Lawn Service in Colorado Springs

Maintaining a healthy lawn in Colorado Springs is a challenge. With our high elevation, strong sunshine, and dry climate, grass needs proper watering, aeration and fertilization to excel in these conditions.  Healthy grass will crowd out weeds, and withstand foot traffic, and our Lawn Care Service is designed specifically for our Colorado Springs conditions to […]