Supplemental Tree Watering – Winter Watering

Winter watering is essential to maintain healthy trees in Colorado. Mountain High offers a Deep Root Watering service that ensures moisture is placed in and around the critical root system.

Winter Watering – Winter is Colorado Springs driest season.  Many trees in our landscapes are adapted to areas with more winter moisture, so supplemental watering is one of the best treatments for your trees and their roots.  Mountain High uses a high pressure soil probe to quickly and effectively get water into the critical root zone.  (we can pump up to 400-500 gallons of water per hour, as opposed to about 30 gallons per hour for the average homeowner using a soil probe.)  Our deep root watering service also includes a natural soil conditioner.

Fertilization – Fertilization provides those nutrients that are either unavailable in the soil, or that a tree is unable to take up through its roots because the nutrients are “bound” to soil particles.  Mountain High uses slow release fertilizers that are formulated for woody plants.  We can also add chelated iron, various bio-nutrients, and mycorrhizae. In undisturbed soil, mycorrhizae is a naturally occurring fungus that develops a symbiotic relationship with the roots, enhancing their ability to take up nutrients.  Fertilization can be scheduled most any time of the year based on the needs of your plants.

Cambistat®– Cambistat® is a soil applied plant growth regulator that has several benefits.   Besides having the ability to compact and reduce the growth of trees that are growing in tight spots, it also increases the density of absorptive roots, making trees more drought tolerant.

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