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Winter Pruning and Watering – Check list!

Advantages of Pruning Your Trees in Winter:
In Colorado, a major obstacle for trees to overcome is the harsh winter storms that can bring dry Chinook “hurricane” force winds or heavy wet snows that can damage tree structures. Besides getting a good look at the structure and form of a tree in winter, there are other benefits to pruning.  When other plants in your yard are dormant it is an opportune time to prune your large trees and minimize the impact to the rest of your landscape.  Trees such as American Elms or Pines that are susceptible to bark beetles should be pruned when beetles are inactive during the winter months.

Winter Watering:
Most of our landscapes need over 20 inches per year of consistent moisture to sustain them. Normal annual precipitation in Colorado Springs is around 16 inches. Most of that is received in the summer months with winter being our driest season. Providing supplemental moisture to tree roots will help promote optimal nutrient uptake and growth. We feel that watering your trees and shrubs is an important part of plant healthcare. Call us if you would like help with winter watering.