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Lawn Care in Colorado Springs—why you need a partner

Colorado Springs dry climate and strong sunshine make it difficult to grow grass. Proper watering and aeration are essential to the health of your yard. Lawn fertilization is also crucial to maintain a healthy turf that can withstand our climate conditions. Properly fertilized grass is healthier and thicker, which helps to crowd out weeds. Healthy turf is also better able to handle heavy foot traffic and drought conditions.

There are many variables that can affect a Colorado lawn. Differences in soil quality, sun exposure, slope, watering practices, turf/sod varieties, susceptibilities to pathogens, and proximity to native weeds are just a few. Personal preferences also play a role in determining the kind of lawn or sod that meets your family’s needs and lifestyle. Over the years, we’ve learned that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to lawn care in Colorado Springs. That’s why we offer a variety of service options that work with your environment, your needs, and your budget.

Our Colorado Springs lawn service experts use top-quality lawn fertilization treatments that work best in our Colorado Springs climate. We also know how to determine exactly how much fertilizer you need to achieve the best results. To assist with lawn fertilization treatments, we also offer Revive, a Colorado-based product that was created to improve water penetration and nutrient absorption. Revive breaks up or loosens hard soil and works perfectly with our lawn fertilization treatments to green up your grass.

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Choose from three Colorado Springs Lawn Care Service Programs—all proven to green up your grass

Nature’s Way Lawn Service Program
For those who prefer a 100% locally produced organic lawn fertilizer, this is the ideal choice. This program builds healthy roots while giving your lawn great color. Nature’s Way is completely safe for people, pets and plants, making it the smart choice for many of our customers.

Extended Release Lawn Service Program
This lawn treatment features a slow release fertilizer proven to help lawn combat lawn diseases that can commonly plague Colorado Springs lawns. This superior fertilizer eliminates quick growth surges, while keeping the lawn evenly green the entire season. Our Extended Release program is ideal for those who want to protect their lawn from season to season.

Conventional Lawn Service Program
Our custom blended fertilizer lawn treatment offers nutrients that are perfect for the Front Range climate we have here in the Colorado Springs area. This is a premium, well-balanced fertilizer that’s designed especially for those on a budget. It’s proven to keep lawns lush and green all season.

Mountain High Lawn Care Services include: