Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Colorado Springs Tree ServiceOur Front Range soils are, for the most part, very poor — they consist mostly of clay and are drastically lacking in available nutrient content. Our trees and plants struggle under these adverse conditions. A quality fertilization program can achieve big improvements toward healthy plant growth. Thorough root fertilization with slow release fertilizer is recommended every two years. Our standard program includes both Mycorrhizae and Yuccah to maximize long-term benefits. Additionally, we offer Mycorrhizae combined with other bio-stimulants as therapeutic treatment for newly planted, transplanted, and stressed trees.

Mycorrhizae is a naturally occurring, beneficial fungus that works symbiotically with roots to create a healthier root system.

Yuccah is another natural product derived from Yucca Cactus that loosens hard-packed soil and facilitates full absorption of treatments.

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