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Caring for your American Elm Tree

Elm-Tree-Colorado-Springs“Our historic 118-year-old American Elm Tree, thanks to the TLC given by Mountain High Tree Care, is still going strong. Mountain High’s informed treatments have stopped problems as they have occurred, resulting in renewed vitality and healthier appearance.” ~ Dave Munger, Past President, Old North End Neighborhood.

“When we have a difficult problem or a special need with key trees, we call on Mountain High for professional care we can count on.” Jerry Switzer, Grounds Manager, Colorado College

We value the remaining American Elm trees in Colorado Springs. Your American Elm tree is a part of the heritage of the Old North End. Proper care is important for their health and protecting them for years to come.

Recommended care of American Elm trees:

Bark Beetle Control /
Dutch Elm Disease – Spring
American Elm trees are very susceptible to Dutch Elm disease. An annual protective spray can minimize its risk to this deadly disease.

Elm Scale Control – Spring or Fall
Elm Scale with its resulting honeydew and black sooty mold are prevalent on American Elm trees in Colorado Springs. This insect causes die back and a thin unhealthy canopy. A soil injection every 2 to 3 years can greatly improve the health of your American Elm tree.

Pruning – Winter
Pruning deadwood prone to Bark Beetles and heavily scaled branches is important for your American Elm tree. Winter or the dormant season is the opportune time to prune American Elm trees.