How to Care for Your Lawn in Colorado Springs

The weather and conditions in Colorado Springs create an ideal environment for lawn disease and insect and pest infestations.

We at Mountain High Tree Care & Consulting have extensive experience dealing with these problems as local lawn care experts and certified arborists. So, we decided to give you some helpful information on what you need to look out for in Colorado Springs, as well as a brief overview of some of our products that may be of help. Hope you enjoy the read.

Heat Stress/Drought

Due to Colorado Springs’s location in the high plains of Colorado, residents should be vigilant about properly caring for their lawns. There are several lawn care services that can help, including lawn fertilization, lawn aeration and soil loosening agents.

Mountain High Tree Care & Consulting provides several types of fertilizer, including an organic fertilizer called Nature’s Way, an extended-release fertilizer to treat your lawn throughout the season and our Conventional fertilizer specifically designed for the conditions in Colorado Springs.

We also offer lawn aeration services to help better oxygenate your lawn, as well as a product called Revive that is designed to loosen up hard, dry soils so the roots can absorb the necessary water and nutrients.

Pest and Insect Control

Drought-stressed grass can draw its fair share of mites and other bugs. Lawn mites can start feeding as early as December and continue munching through the winter season. What’s worse, they feed in bunches, making it difficult to control the devastation.

You also have other pests and bugs that pop up in the warmer months, such as white grubs, Sod Webworms and Billbugs.

You’ll often find pests such as mites on the south and west-facing sections of your lawn where the sun reflects the most heat. Make sure you water regularly in the winter and early spring to keep pest and mite populations under control.

Of course, pesticides have become a rather effective means of treating bugs once they start showing up. We offer various options for pest control.

If you are interested in our lawn care and pest control services in Colorado Springs, give us a call at 719.444.8800 or visit us at Our initial consultation is free of charge.

Fire Mitigation Needs in Colorado Springs

Although Colorado Springs has enjoyed slightly higher than average levels of precipitation in recent months, it only takes a few days of dry weather before the High Fire Danger warnings start to appear. Recent years have taught us that this danger is very real.

The climate and landscapes that make Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas so uniquely beautiful are particularly susceptible to wildfires. In fact, some trees, like the Ponderosa Pine and Gambel Oak, actually need fire to keep their ecosystems healthy. But while these trees have thick bark and extensive root systems to help them survive wildfires, other vegetation is not so uniquely adapted.

While we cannot control the weather or the topography around Colorado Springs, one thing we can affect is the vegetation. Since so many of our Colorado Springs residents now live on hillsides and mesas covered with pine, oak, pinyon-juniper, and dry prairie grasses, yearly fire mitigation activity has become a very necessary part of life.

Fire mitigation works by creating defensible zones around your home. The goal is to minimize the chance of fire quickly spreading to your home.

Some general rules for vegetation management are:

  • Remove dead, diseased and weakened trees
  • Remove all juniper trees and shrubs next to and near your home
  • Prune lower tree branches on conifers up to 10 feet, but no more than 1/3 the tree’s height
  • Clear pine branches 5 to 8 feet away from the house and roof
  • Remove pine needles, leaves and debris from the ground
  • Keep grass and weeds mowed to a maximum height of 4 inches
  • Plant fire-resistant species near your home
  • Incorporate landscape designs that help create natural fire breaks between fuels

Now is the time to begin preparing for the warm, dry, windy months ahead. Why not give Mountain High Tree in Colorado Springs a call at 719.444.8800? Our team of experts will be happy to work with you on your fire mitigation needs.