In Colorado Springs, Mountain High is proud to be a sponsor and partner with Pikes Peak Urban Gardens (PPUG).

March is the time to start prepping your vegetable gardens for planting in later spring. PPUG offers the following suggestions. Apply a layer of compost now so soil organisms have time to break itearthworms 2down so it is ready for plants. A general rule is to add a 2-inch layer of compost to the garden beds and work it down 10 inches into the soil. Manures tend to be high in salts and too much salt can damage your plants.  If you use a manure, use less and apply only every 3 years.

Also, a good practice is to top dress your beds with dry molasses, which can help feed the​ beneficial microbes in the soil.  Finally, moisten your garden beds and then mulch with a 3 inch layer of straw.  This will keep the soil hydrated until you are ready to plant.  Your garden beds are now ready until spring finally arrives.  Go to Pikes Peak Urban Gardens website at for more great information on gardening in Colorado Springs.