Commercial Testimonials

Here are some kind words from some of  our customers:

The Colorado College campus has many mature, old and historic trees that require expert care. Mountain High has evaluated our trees and helped us come up with a plan for pruning and care that has the least amount of disruption to the campus community. They are able to prune many trees within restricted timeframes, all while working around the ebb and flow of our campus’s pedestrian traffic. Mountain High is flexible and helps to meet our project’s goals. Working with Mountain High is easy and professional. They even go the extra mile by providing expert advice on our Campus Tree Committee and facilitate tree care training sessions for our staff. They truly have a passion for trees.
– Michael Spruce, Colorado College, Tree and Shrub Specialist

As United States Olympic Committee’s   ‘Facilities Operations Manager’,    I have been closely associated with the ‘oversight’ and management of the Committee’s  Olympic Training Center’s   thirty-seven acre site. A large portion of that site management involves the ongoing care and preventive maintenance of the OTC’s vast growth of shade trees, ornamental trees, and conifers. For over 20 years  “Mt. High Tree Care & Consulting”  has been the ‘USOC’s’ preferred vendor involving the care and maintenance of the landscape assets (trees,  conifers,  etc.). ‘Mt. High’ has maintained the long-term relationship with the USOC due to its’ dedication and highest-quality performance, and although other industry vendors have submitted  lower annual pricing over the years it has been the judgment of this department to re-contract annually with a consistently proven performer and ‘team-member’.
~ Philip Mann,  Facilities Operations Mgr.
Feb. 10,  2016

They are very professional and knowledgeable. We had fire mitigation work done, and all of the trees had to be taken off of the roof to keep the house safe. Mtn. High’s team managed to do that without eliminating all our shade or making it look “scalped”. We are very satisfied with the results and with the job they did. We highly recommend this local business.
~ Cyndy K.